Dr. Josef Greimler

email: josef.greimler[@]univie.ac.at
phone: +43 1 4277 54145
room: 201

address: Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research
University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences
Rennweg 14, A-1030 Vienna, Austria

Research interests

My main research interests are related to diversification and reticulate evolution in the European members of Gentianella section Gentianella and in conservation of these biennial taxa that suffer from severe habitat loss. Another focus of my research concerns evolution and vegetation dynamics on oceanic islands and the impact of alien biota on such islands. I am also interested in the ecology and reproduction of endemic taxa of the Austrian flora.



Gisbert Bauer: Genetische Struktur von Dianthus blandus.


Michael Glaser: Auswirkungen von Robinia pseudoacia auf Schutzgüter in der Wachau (co-supervision: Mag. Thorsten Englisch)

Meschnig Maria Viktoria: Gefährdungsanalyse des Uferreitgrases (Calamagrostis pseudophragmites) im Nationalpark Gesäuse.


Mag. Dieter Reich: Reticulate evolution in the European Gentianella section Gentianella.


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