Dr. Thibault Leroy

University Assistant / Post Doctoral Researcher

e-mail: thibault.leroy[@]univie.ac.at
phone: +43 1 4277 54134

address: Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research
University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences
Rennweg 14
A-1030 Vienna

Thibault Leroy, Post Doctoral Researcher at University of Vienna

Research Interests

* Speciation

* Plant adaptation to changing environments

* Gene flow, (adaptive) introgression

* Mutation rates and spectra

* Evolution of genomic variation within and between species

* Deleterious mutations /conservation Biology

* Methods in population genomics (demographic inferences, genome scans/GWAS, …)

Short CV

Oct. 2019 – now: University assistant/senior postdoc of population genomics, Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research, University of Vienna

Keywords: Evolutionary radiation, (Adaptive) introgression, speciation, GWAS, inferences of demographic history, plant mutation rates, computational biology

Feb. 2018- Mar. 2019: Postdoctoral position at university of Montpellier, France (ISEM lab)

“Influence of effective population size variation on the accumulation of deleterious mutations in protein-coding genes of passerine birds”.

Keywords: genetic load, whole genome sequence data, population genomics, diversity analyses, evolution of sex chromosomes, computational biology

Feb. 2014- Jan. 2018: Postdoctoral position, INRA/university of Bordeaux; France (BioGeCo lab)

“Evolutionary history of white oaks and identification of genes that matter for forest tree adaptation”.

Keywords: whole genome sequence data – Pool-seq –, bioinformatics, Approximate Bayesian Computation, genome scans, population genomics

Jan. 2013- Aug. 2013: Postdoctoral position at INRA/University of Angers, France (EcoFun lab) “Evolutionary dynamics of proteins involved in pathogenesis of scab on apple.”

Keywords: whole genome sequence data – RNAseq & genome resequencing –, genome assembly, population genomics

Dec. 2012: Doctoral Degree at the university of Angers, France (PhD student: Oct. 2009- Dec. 2012)

Keywords: speciation, intrinsic and ecological barriers, Dobzhansky-Muller incompatibilities, genetic mapping, hybrid zones, genome scan

2007-2009: Master Degree (with honors), University of Angers and Agro-Campus Rennes, major teaching units in plant pathology and quantitative genetics (plant breeding).

2004-2007: Licence degree in Biology (equivalent to a B.Sc) with distinction (giving access to French merit scholarship), University of Angers, France

Born in 1986 in Saumur, France (3.6 Kg, already a big baby)!

Accepted Publications


Quentin Rougemont, Jean-Sébastien Moore, Thibault Leroy, [...] Louis Bernatchez (in press). The role of historical contingency in shaping geographic pattern of deleterious mutation load in a broadly distributed Pacific Salmon. bioRxiv 732750; doi.org/10.1101/732750

Thibault Leroy, Yoann Anselmetti, Marie-Ka Tilak, Séverine Bérard, Laura Csukonyi, Maëva Gabrielli, Céline Scornavacca, Borja Milá, Christophe Thébaud, Benoit Nabholz. A bird's white-eye view on avian sex chromosome evolutionBioRxiv 505610, ver. 4, peer-reviewed and recommended by PCI Evolutionary Biology 05/2019. [Recommendation of this article: Kateryna Makova. Young sex chromosomes discovered in white-eye birds. Peer Community in Evolutionary Biology, 100073]

Maëva Gabrielli, Benoit Nabholz, Thibault Leroy, Borja Milá, and Christophe Thébaud (2020) Within-island diversification in a passerine bird. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 287:20192999. doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2019.2999

Thibault Leroy, Jean-Marc Louvet, Céline Lalanne, Grégoire Le Provost, Karine Labadie, Jean-Marc Aury, Sylvain Delzon, Christophe Plomion & Antoine Kremer (2020) Adaptive introgression as a driver of local adaptation to climate in European white oaks. New Phytologist 226(4)1171-1182 (special issue: oak genomics).

Thibault Leroy, Quentin Rougemont, Jean-Luc Dupouey, Catherine Bodénès, Céline Lalanne, Caroline Belser, Karine Labadie, Grégoire Le Provost, Jean-Marc Aury, Antoine Kremer, Christophe Plomion (2020) Massive postglacial gene flow between European white oaks uncovered genes underlying species barriers. New Phytologist 226(4)1183-1197 (special issue: oak genomics).

Thibault Leroy, Antoine Kremer & Christophe Plomion (2020) Oak tree symbolism in the light of genomics. New Phytologist 226(4) 1012-1017 (special issue: oak genomics).

Caroline Pont*, Thibault Leroy*, Michael Seidel*, Alessandro Tondelli*, Wandrille Duchemin*; David Armisen*; Daniel Lang*, Daniela Bustos-Korts*, Nadia Goué, Francçois Balfournier, Marta-Molnar-Lang, Jacob Lage [+20 co-authors including the WHEALBI consortium]: Tracing the ancestry of modern bread wheats. Nature Genetics 05/2019; 51 (5): 905

Gerald. A. Tuskan; Andrew T. Groover, Jeremy Schmutz, Stephen Paul DiFazio, Alexender Myburg, Dario Grattapaglia, Lawrence B. Smart, Tongming Yin, Jean-Marc Aury, Antoine Kremer, Thibault Leroy, [+9 co-authors] Hardwood Tree Genomics: Unlocking Woody Plant Biology. Frontiers in Plant Science. 12/2018, 9(1799)

Monika Michalecka, Sylwester Masny, Thibault Leroy, Joanna Puławska: Population structure of Venturia inaequalis, a causal agent of apple scab, in response to heterogeneous apple tree cultivation. BMC Evolutionary Biology 12/2018; 18(1):5

Christophe Plomion, Jean-Marc Aury, Joelle Amselem, Thibault Leroy, Florent Murat, Sébastien Duplessis, Sébastien Faye, Nicolas Francillonne, Karine Labadie, Grégoire Le Provost [+56 other co-authors]: Oak genome reveals facets of long lifespan. 05/2018 Nature Plants, 4(7)

Stefanie Wagner, Frédéric Lagane, Andaine Seguin-Orlando, Mikkel Schubert, Thibault Leroy, Erwan Guichoux, Emilie Chancerel, Inger Bech-Hebelstrup, Vincent Bernard, Cyrille Billard [+25 other coauthors]: High-Throughput DNA sequencing of ancient wood. Molecular Ecology 02/2018; 27(5)

Nastasia R. Merceron, Thibault Leroy, Emilie Chancerel, Jeanne Romero-Severson, Daniel S. Borkowski, Alexis Ducousso, Arnaud Monty, Annabel J. Porté, Antoine Kremer: Back to America: Tracking the origin of European introduced populations of Quercus rubra L.. Genome 07/2017; 60(9)

Thibault Leroy, Camille Roux, Laure Villate, Catherine Bodénès, Jonathan Romiguier, Jorge A P Paiva, Carole Dossat, Jean-Marc Aury, Christophe Plomion, Antoine Kremer: Extensive recent secondary contacts between four European white oak species. New Phytologist 01/2017; 214(2)


Previous years (2010-2016):

Thibault Leroy, Valérie Caffier, Jean-Marc Celton, Nicolas Anger, Charles-Eric Durel, Christophe Lemaire, Bruno Le Cam: When virulence originates from nonagricultural hosts: Evolutionary and epidemiological consequences of introgressions following secondary contacts in Venturia inaequalis. New Phytologist 02/2016

Christophe Lemaire, Marie De Gracia, Thibault Leroy, Monika Michalecka, Hanne Lindhard-Pedersen, Fabien Guerin, Pierre Gladieux, Bruno Le Cam: Emergence of new virulent populations of apple scab from nonagricultural disease reservoirs. New Phytologist 09/2015; 209(3)

Christophe Plomion, Jean-Marc Aury, Joëlle Amselem, Tina Alaeitabar, Valérie Barbe, Caroline Belser, Hélène Bergès, Catherine Bodénès, Nathalie Boudet, Christophe Boury, [30 other authors including Thibault Leroy]: Decoding the oak genome: Public release of sequence data, assembly, annotation and publication strategies. Molecular Ecology Resources 05/2015; 16(1)

Thibault Leroy, Bruno Le Cam, Christophe Lemaire: When virulence originates from non-agricultural hosts: New insights into plant breeding. Infection, genetics and evolution: journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases 01/2014; 27., DOI:10.1016/j.meegid.2013.12.022

Thibault Leroy, Christophe Lemaire, Frank Dunemann, Bruno Le Cam: The genetic structure of a Venturia inaequalis population in a heterogeneous host population composed of different Malus species. BMC Evolutionary Biology 03/2013; 13(1):64

Aymeric Joubert, Nelly Bataille-Simoneau, Claire Campion, Thomas Guillemette, piétrick Hudhomme, Béatrice Iacomi-Vasilescu, Thibault Leroy, Stéphanie Pochon, Pascal Poupard, Philippe Simoneau: Cell wall integrity and high osmolarity glycerol pathways are required for adaptation of Alternaria brassicicola to cell wall stress caused by brassicaceous indolic phytoalexins. Cellular Microbiology 01/2011; 13(1):62-80

Pierre Gladieux, Xiu-Guo Zhang, Isabel Róldan-Ruiz, Valérie Caffier, Thibault Leroy, Martine Devaux, Sabine Van Glabeke, Els Coart, Bruno Le Cam: Evolution of the population structure of Venturia inaequalis, the apple scab fungus, associated with the domestication of its host. Molecular Ecology 02/2010; 19(4):658-74