Ass.-Prof. Dr. Walter Till

e-mail: walter.till[@]
phone: +43 1 4277 54170
room: 428

address: Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research
University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences
Rennweg 14, A-1030 Vienna, Austria

Herbarium WU

Research interest

Systematics and Evolution of Bromeliaceae, especially of subfam. Tillandsioideae; Taxonomy of Gymnocalycium (Cactaceae); Floristics of Austria and Central Europe; Mycofloristics of Higher Fungi

Current research

Phylogeny, Systematics and Taxonomy of Tillandsia, Vriesea, and Guzmania (Bromeliaceae). These three largest genera of subfam. Tillandsioideae have been intensively studied in the past decades by our research group but their phylogenies and classifications still are insufficiently resolved. Increased taxon sampling and character evaluations are needed to get better resolutions and deeper insights into the evolution of the numerous taxon groups within these genera. While molecular tools have quite rapidly developed during the past years and whole genomic analyses can now be conducted at reasonable expenses, morphological characters a still underexplored and are a major focus for the years to come.


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