Zhiqing Xue

PhD student

e-mail: a11844475[@]univie.ac.at

address: Department of Botany and Biodiversity Research
University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences
Rennweg 14
A-1030 Vienna,

Research Interests

Plant classification, Molecular ecology, Plant Genome study, phylogenetic, genetic structure, biogeography.

On going thesis title: Biogeography of the Grass Deschampsia cespitosa s. lat. on a world-wide scale.

Short CV

2018-present PhD student, University of Vienna, Austria.

2015-2018  Master degree., Biotechnology Engineering,  Institute of Botany, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2011-2015  Bachelor degree. Biological Science, School of Life Sciences, Shanxi Normal University.


Xue, Zhi-Qing,Xue, Jian-Hua*,Victorovna, Kryukova Maria,Ma, Ke-Ping (2017) The complete chloroplast DNA sequence of Trapa maximowiczii Korsh. (Trapaceae), and comparative analysis with other Myrtales species. Aquatic Botany, 143: 54-62.

Xue, J.H*., Xue, Z.Q., Wang, R.X., Rubtsova, T.A., Pshennikova, L.M., Guo, Y.M., 2016. Distribution patern and morphological diversity of Trapa L. in the Heilong and Tumen River Basin. Plant Science Journal, 34: 506–520 (In Chinese with English abstract).